About Lyz

Build an easy-to-use multicloud data and AI platform

Go from idea to action, faster

Lightyearz’s professional services reduce discovery, development, and testing time by hours. Our specifically designed models, fully functional references, and best practices accelerate outcomes for your most frequent and significant use cases. In a short period, you can realize your design from idea to proof of concept (PoC).

Adapt at scale

Lightyearz constantly investigates special open-source projects, such as Apache Spark and Ray. By integrating these pieces of open-source software, we provide a platform for scalable and flexible data analytics. Our solutions allow your company to respond more quickly to business expansions and expansion plans.

Lower your costs

Serverless and fully managed technologies have built-in service integration and maintenance to eliminate operational overhead. By automatically optimizing resource utilization, you never pay excessive costs. Our team can work with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

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