Deliver your data and AI project success with the expert team. Our high-level solutions let you design and proof your data linking and processing at every stage.

  • Infrastructure Transformation
  • Industry Solutions
  • Multicloud and Engineering
  • Managed Services
  • Feasibility Studies

Use cases

Lightyearz’s solution offers a large-scale distributed messaging platform using Apache Kafka open source. Many major companies select it for data integration, asynchronous collaboration, streaming analytics, and more. Attempts to employ this as an intermediate layer to simplify overly complex architectures have recently gained attention. Our team’s professional technical experience allows us to propose a more advanced model of the Pub-Sub asynchronous messaging service system.

Lightyearz’s storage specialists also build and tune a Delta Lake framework, important to the foundation for data analytics, data science, and ML. Delta Lake is a simple file-based, open-source storage layer providing ACID transactions. We can offer open standard and high-impact design and implementation for your specific demands, like scalable metadata management, streaming data processing, flexible versioning, and more.

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